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My Brilliant Career1979

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  • 4.2
  • passes the bechdel test
A story charting the developing self-awareness of Sybylla Melvyn as she grows from an insecure tomboy to a self-assured woman. Sybylla wants to be a writer and stuns her family and friends by her insistence on following her dream. Despite the objections of her family acquaintances, she rejects the marriage proposal from the rich Harry Beecham to continue going her own way, in spite of the odds stacked against her in a repressive Victorian environment.

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Australian western/feminist Cinderella love story. Very sweet.

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Australian western/feminist Cinderella love story. Very sweet.

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This is more than just a film - This story and its cinematography has the potential to impact the viewer in a very deep, personal and profound way. We are invited to experience Sybylla, Australia and the self discovery and blossoming of an artist and woman. Before there was a Bechdel test there was My Brilliant Career, and My Brilliant Career is a classic.