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Mud and Sand1922

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  • 3.3
MUD AND SAND sends up BLOOD AND SAND, a torrid bullfighting melodrama starring Rudolph Valentino. In this version, Stan Laurel is the matador, a dashing if clumsy fighter named Rhubarb Vaseline. With seduction, elaborate costuming, dancing and a climactic bullfight, MUD AND SAND mines the trappings of movie spectaculars for farce. Playing against type, Laurel thrives relating the ballet of bullfighting to that of slapstick comedy. The ether-laced finale verges on the surreal.


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top reviewer

"MUD AND SAND", Viva VASELINE! Stan Laurel is every inch on a par with KEATON, but with a biting, Brittish, caustic wit. The script itself is seriously funny. Full of satyric "wisecracks" witch your mind delivers in Stan's voice(since we now all know it.) The "Visual" physical comedy, His signature "graceful, gracelessness, and crazy surreal timing, made me laugh out loud uncontrollably, and I'm not easy. I think Stan could stand up to any single "PIERROT" in the history of clowning! As could keaton. I now MUST see ALL his solo work! SEE IT, you will laugh out loud!

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