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Mr. District Attorney1941

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  • 3.6
B-movie noir stalwart Dennis O'Keefe and Peter Lorre star in this snappy crime comedy, based on a popular radio series of the era and a surprising hit for low-budget kings Republic Pictures. Fresh out of Hahvahd Law, sweet-faced college boy P. Cadwallader Jones (O'Keefe) joins the district attorney's office and is soon faced with solving the crime of the decade: the theft of almost $100,000 by a crooked city official (Lorre). Aided by a sassy and beautiful reporter (Florence Rice), he's about to uncover far more crimes than that, however, as the trail soon leads to even more political corruption. Lorre adds his reliable sleazy charm to every scene ("How does that man get so slimy?!," cried the Chicago Daily Herald in its review) while director William Morgan keeps the otherwise nonsensical plot moving as quickly as possible. The film was such a success that Republic ordered four more pictures a year to be made from the radio series; strangely, the second and third of the series featured entirely new cast members. Columbia Pictures later picked up the series again in 1947, returning O'Keefe to the lead role. - Jason Sanders


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Member Reviews (11)

top reviewer

Peter Lorre is the main reason I wanted to watch this and he is also pretty much the only one who makes this very average attempt at screwball comedy worth at least a one time look. Even for a comedy this requires a hell of a lot of suspension of disbelief.

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top reviewer

smart dialogue, strong women, but sappy story. The good guy wins and wins, and of course the woman helps.

would not recommend

I would have enjoyed the movie more, if it had less silliness.

One of the "keepers" in Noir.

...was 'ok' one-time watch - best I can recommend...

Really a screwball comedy, not a British production, but it appears the print may have spent time in England as it begins with a British Board of Film approval.

I felt it a very good movie without obvious over the top violence of present day

crime/romance films I'd give it 41/2-5 stars. I am recommending it & subscribing

Thanks TLC

Uncomplicated fun....