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also known as Soog


  • 3.3
From a black screen, a man and a woman are heard arguing and hurrying away from a house. Afterward, the screen radiates brilliant green countryside, traversed by a small black car. Subtitles relay a conversation by another man and woman, but now we hear no voices. Kamran and Sharareh, a deaf couple, are driving Sharareh’s young nephew, Arshia, back home to Tehran. Something terrible has happened. But the couple keep the news from Arshia, debating his future in a language not as private as they believe, and turning a car trip into a subtly humorous and deeply compassionate meditation on communication and emotional disability.

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Member Reviews (1)

One of the best movies I've ever seen. The acting is so natural and it feels so close to real life. The cinematography is beautiful, but plain enough that it doesn't take away from the attention to the characters. I love how the story unfolds at such a slow and meandering pace, just like the roads that wind through the hills. The characters are so alive and complex that they will always be an example to me of relatable cinema.