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also known as Äideistä parhain

Mother of Mine2005

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  • 4.6
During World War II, more than 70,000 Finnish children were evacuated to neutral Sweden to avoid the conflict. MOTHER OF MINE, the latest from the award-winning Klaus Haro, tackles that painful patch of history in a tale of nine year old Eero, a child who increasingly feels abandoned by his biological Finnish mother and yet not attached to his Swedish surrogate mom. When he is returned to Finland, his confusion intensifies.

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Simply beautiful film. Poignant and touching. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. Wonderful story of love and loss.

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Simply beautiful film. Poignant and touching. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. Wonderful story of love and loss.

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My Goodness! This film really plays a compelling quartet of "heart strings". World War Two was so dramatic that it could be the subject of great films for another hundred years.

This film takes a look at one the lesser known tragedies; that of the displaced children of conflict. There were huge contingents from many nations that were supposedly lucky enough to be shipped to areas outside the reign of terror, and yet the lack of security was huge. Austrians went to Switzerland, German Jews went to England, and in this, Finnish children went to Sweden.

The acting was amazing. The young boy's sorrow was palpable, and his confusion visible both as a child and as an adult. Maria Lundquist was phenomenal in her role of the accepting foster-parent. Her emotional landscape was vast and yet showed great depth. Michael Nyqvist was excellent, as always, although I ended up hating his lack of courage and compassion.

The cinematography was excellent, the pacing was even, and yet predictable events still had enough tension to develop suspense.

And finally, the musical score is delicate, and yet very much builds on the emotions of the script. I often didn't really notice it, except that it was drawing me deeper into the script. I don't know if it is an original score or if they are pieces selected for the film. Either way, it is rock solid.

I will look forward to going back and watching this again in a few months. such a real jewel of a film!--digger c

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There must have been many different stories and endings involving the ca 70,000 Finnish children that were sent to live with surrogate parents in Sweden,it's just that this one is particularly heart rending. Superb acting and direction with sublime cinematography lift this one above your average story with a war angle.The lush score enhances the story's emotional content without entering the realm of intrusion or taking away from the content of the scenes.

i hate bad movies that i cry at

Much is saccharine, but the performances (especially the little boy) are compelling.

Moving, heartrending story about long standing effects of war on displaced families and their children - part of WWII Finnish history for 70,000 children, when Swedish families welcomed them to their land.