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  • 2.9
MORISMA documents in colorful detail the traditional and religious celebrations of Moors against Christians in the Mexican states of Zacatecas and Jalisco. The documentary focuses, on the life of Hilario Espinosa, a representative of the Moors in both states, and through him we learn of the Moors traditions and plights, little known to the outside world.

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3.5, more like. I appreciated this examination of a 5 day community celebration of their patron saint. I'd recommend it to town and city meat eaters as well as those interested in folk religious traditions (and this is one of steep tradition). For me, I think a re-edit that provided more continuity and background for the viewer would be helpful, even if that information came from captions on the screen. I'm a bit muddled about which of the 2 celebrations some of the activities were, and there was some footage that might be trimmed though I could see why the filmmaker included it. Anthropology, poetry and volleyball (I sucked) were the only classes I liked in high school and I still have an avid interest in the panoply of human cultures that quilt the planet. Still, I feel like I need to watch Santa Sangre next.

I wish I could give it 2 1/2. Much of the footage is engrossing, but whoever did the subtitles did a godawful job. WARNING - There's graphic footage of animal slaughter for a few minutes starting at the 30 minute mark.