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Montgomery, Alabama1941

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  • 3.8
A soldier on a weekend pass, with Kodachrome in his camera, takes a leisurely walk on both sides of the tracks. Piano by Earl Hines.

Member Reviews (6)

Sad to think that everyone in this montage is Dead. Don't mean to be morose here.

I know the Big Sleep is inevitable and all that, but still hit me all the same how much

of a miracle we all are in this brief insta-second called Life(s).

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top reviewer

It is what it is. Not much surprising here, except maybe the guy in the pith helmet. Enjoyed the soundtrack, though.

I was there. Sweet days. America at its best. I'd give my soul to return us to those days.


I was 1 year old when this film was made. Made me think of the social changes that it went through.

excellent little film, showing life on the downtown streets of 1941 Montgomery, Alabama.