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Monster from the Ocean Floor1954

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  • 3.0
Reports that a Mexican fishing village is being terrorized by a creature that lives in the cove, draws the attention of a scientist (Stuart Wade) with a one-man submarine and a beautiful tourist (Anne Kimbell), who descend into the dark waters to investigate. Hollywood's legendary maverick Roger Corman made his monster-movie debut as producer of this ultra-low-budget, eerie flight flick.



Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

Sixty+ years old and probably shot over a couple of days on a pawn-shop budget, but still more entertaining for this B-movie fan than a lot of stuff on cable. Well shot underwater scenes and locations, a good score and decent performances add to usual ‘50s movie fun of a pontificating scientist, a cheesy (extra cheesy here) atomic monster and period prejudices. Only the script is actually bad. Good way to kill an hour on a rainy Saturday.

There was some nice underwater photography

It stopped before it was over. It seems the entire movie was shot as a silent movie with voices dubbed in on the set. Weird story and repetative underwater scenes. Bad!