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Modus Operandi2009

  • 2.6
A wild throwback to '70s grindhouse movies, MODUS OPERANDI is shockingly violent and even more entertaining. It tells the twisted tale of CIA black-ops specialist Stanley Cashay who lives in drunken depravity after the murder of his wife. He is called back into service when highly sensitive tapes are stolen from the President. With the help of his flamboyant fellow operatives Casey Thunderbird and Black Licorice, he attempts to track the tapes down, leaving a bloody trail in his wake. But the contents of the tapes are more explosive than Cashay could have conceived, placing the nation at the edge of catastrophe with only the enigmatic and sadistic Holiday (Danny Trejo) in a position to stop it. Director Frankie Latina took four years to direct this lovingly constructed ode to disreputable genre flicks, all of it shot in his hometown of Milwaukee. He mashes together Blaxploitation, gore, Italian giallo, Japanese gangster flicks and much more into an irresistible guilty pleasure.

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I can only assume that cost overruns in the bikini budget prevented the purchase of an entire plot.

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You have to keep in mind that this is a comedy. A comedy that pays tribute to bad movies. The lack of production values. The bad acting. The gratuitous nudity. The inconsistent and almost plotless story line. And the spliced together, as if made from two or three unrelated movies feel, of the whole film. Those were all part of the charm of the "bad" movies that this movie pays homage to. They are allso part of the charm of this movie. I very much enjoyed this movie and I think many others will too.

Stupid story, no continuity and tits for no reason except to add spice but nothing to the movie.

Wildly inconsistent in both story and style, its occasional moments of brilliance are trapped within a disjointed and rambling presentation that makes the experience more of an endurance match than the action packed roller coaster ride one is led to expect. True to its exploitation roots, the framing story is nonsensical and exists as a pretext for salacious scenes of violence or nudity. Sadly, its overall

incoherence renders it difficult to enjoy. Stylistic changes include arbitrary choices of black and white film or color, non intersecting sets of characters from one scene to the next, and an incompetent alternation between affecting composition for artistically rendered scenes and terrible composition for normal character dialogue scenes.

The resulting movie is a chain of scenes which could all have come from entirely different films.

For a film made in the 70s.This was terrible.