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Modern Love2006

  • 2.6
John, his wife Emily and their small son Edward leave the city for what they believe will be a brief foray to the countryside to claim John's inheritance: a small shack. They find themselves in a strange back-woods rural setting. Nothing is what it seems. John's behavior becomes increasingly bizarre as he crosses paths with the unusual inhabitants of the area, some of whom he knows from a distant past. As his connections to the area are gradually revealed, we are shown a puzzle and a tapestry of our hero and his life before he moved away. To his wife's horror, we witness a man who belongs to a long lineage of disaster and mishap and rural weirdness. As the realization sets in of what has happened, the specter of the next-in-line, his son Edward, becomes spookily evident.

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Member Reviews (1)

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top reviewer

Very unsettling. Plays with your expectations, bringing up hints of some cliched horror/ haunted past thing, then does it's own spiral into one mans internal life. What at first seems madness seems to resolve itself into a re-defining of identity and meaning.