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Mike Makes His Mark1952

  • 3.4
Several years before James Dean patented the type in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, leather-jacketed, gum-chewing Mike here is a cute malcontent who just needs a little understanding to straighten up and fly right. Secretly worried he'll be "trapped into making his decisions against everything" (or so his English teacher muses in voiceover), he practices defense mechanisms that annoy his fellow students and hobble his classroom performance. Alert to the danger of his dropping out (and becoming a career ditch-digger like his wise-guy friend Eddie), staff counselor Mr. Tatum finds crafty ways to encourage Mike without lecturing him. Pretty soon he's knee-deep in constructive activities like electronics projects and playing in the school orchestra. On drums, of course! Mike may be tamed but he'll never be uncool. - Dennis Harvey

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