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Mighty Like a Moose1926

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  • 4.2
Man and wife (with the surname of Moose and faces to match their namesake) independently decide that plastic surgery would do wonders in this exceptional Charley Chase comedy short. Unfortunately, the work is a bit too good for either of them to recognize their spouse! Hilarity ensues.


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Member Reviews (2)

One of the best silent shorts I've seen. Keaton's my man, but the hairpin choreography sustained over the entire length of "Mighty Like a Moose" carves itself a straight path to the top of my list. Absurd setup played pitch-perfectly into believablity. Even the cards are hilarious, excepting the rare obligatory cornball. All that, and Vivian Oakland's mesmerizing hairdo.

A complete riot...Charley Chase is definitely going to be on my Watchlists from now on.