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Mid-August Lunch2008

  • 4.0
The charismatic Gianni Di Gregorio, stars in his directorial debut (an utterly charming tale of good food, feisty ladies and unlikely friendships during a very Roman holiday). Broke, and armed with only a glass of wine and a wry sense of humor, middle-aged Gianni resides with his ninety-three-year-old mother in their ancient apartment. The condo debts are mounting, but if Gianni looks after the building manager's mother during the Pranzo di Ferragosto (Italy's biggest summer holiday, and the Feast of the Assumption), all will be forgiven. Then the manager also shows up with an auntie, and then a doctor friend appears with his mother in tow... Can Gianni keep four such lively mamas well fed and happy in these cramped quarters?

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I felt like I was in Italy making friends - it was a joy! Ferragosto is a time when many vendors close their shops and Italians go on vacation, strictly August 15th, but for many it's vacation time for the entire month of August. This can create the feeling of being left behind if one stays. In the abstract, this movie centers around a group of people left behind (in more ways than one) who came together and found friendship; who ironically cast away their isolation in Italy during Ferragosto. Honestly, I wished the story continued a bit longer; well at least a few more hours!

Completely realized and completely enjoyable, this film takes the smallest of conceits and expands it to create one of the most insightful films on Italy, particularly contemporary Italy, that I have ever seen.