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Meet Marlon Brando1965

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  • 4.3
Marlon Brando is caught in a Method conundrum; expected to play "movie star," he wants to live in the moment. To help his moribund 1965 film MORITURI, Brando agreed to participate in a marathon, day-long series of filmed interviews with reporters from local TV stations across the country. This mind-boggling event took place at the Hampshire Hotel in New York and was captured on film by the Maysles. The end result is MEET MARLON BRANDO, one of the star's least-known films where Brando is himself as master of the put-down and prince of biting sarcasm.



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"The actor was never more appealing than in this candid-camera cameo, his best performance." - Howard Thompson, the New York Times

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What an enlightening doc. Mr Brando was very intelligent and keenly aware of realities of those times which remain relevant today. Also, I had no idea he was fluent in French and German. What planet was he from?

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What an enlightening doc. Mr Brando was very intelligent and keenly aware of realities of those times which remain relevant today. Also, I had no idea he was fluent in French and German. What planet was he from?

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Brando is a genius, a sex-god, an impassioned, thoughtful and alpha man, but most of all, a trickster. You could just spend the film looking at that intelligent, uber-handsome face just thinking and acting (in the literal and figurative senses of that word). Like a boxer, Brando maneuvers and manipulates the banal agendas of reporters so that he can set off his own fireworks and express what's really important to him. In that sense, Brando is masterful, and of course challenging, seductive and elusive to the people who interview him.

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Can't think of a an actor or member of the press today who would conduct as candid, witty and sexually charged an interview as Brando and these individuals did. There was a depth and intelligence to this man which undoubtedly added to his charisma and appeal.

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If you've ever seen Bob Dylan in "Don't Look Back", these two guys are on the same wavelength, making perfect sense in a pure way. The rest is commentary and silly questions. We all engage in this game, and we all know what the answers are, but most are afraid to act on them. Instead, we buzz around the brave ones. Somehow Brando and Dylan found the courage, or the space, or the opportunity to step forward from their own truth. This film is a worthwhile reminder.

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A short look into the unwillingness of Marlon Brando to speak deeply about a movie he made that he doesn't seem to be so proud of. Also shows the sexism of the time, as I got the sense he would much rather have been whispering sweet nothings into the ears of the female reporters than talking out loud to them in a crowded lunchroom. And the resulting awkwardness of those female reporters didn't seem to bother any of the male reports at all. Gave them all a little chuckle.

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WOW! What a great surprise! A superdoc. made by the masters, they help Brando to manipulate the manipulaters, turn the tables, on an unsuspecting press. He is an incorridgable Satyr, and Imp, until the subject of the "American Indian" comes up, stops all the mirth by sayng "That's really not something to be flipant about" . When asked , what's in the future? He replies"I don't know I'm not an astronomer". This film proves one thing Brando will be Brando. He had the film crews in stitches the whole time. I laughed out loud. He is just so brilliant and entertaining. I totally recommend this film.

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Wonderful collection of interviews with Marlin Brando in 1965, while promoting Moritori at the Hampshire Hotel in New York City. The film gives the viewers a good close up look at Brando in the prime of his career, capturing his sense of humor, nature, and a relaxed open friendly, even warm Marlon Brando which is very rare indeed. A wonderful portrait of the man.

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Brando speaks fluent French and German, and discusses the situation of Native Americans and African-Americans -- but only when asked. He is not interested in promoting the movie (Morituri, 1965 (= "they who are about to die")), especially since most of the journalists have not yet seen the movie. He is much more interested in the journalists. Great piece of filming by the Maysles. Since Morituri was a disaster financially and did not go over well with critics or audiences, this documentary about the press junket is the best thing that came from making the movie. It was too much to hear that both Brando and Yul Brynner were in a movie together, however -- I had to watch it (on Netflix).

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Great un-canned access to the great actor. His honesty is electric. He's a rebel and a rascal.

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Insightful look at the proper way to handle the press. Marlon Brando was a human being who had an intrinsic ability to be a mirror. We all are mirrors, but too many of us reflect the sun into people's eyes. He enabled us to see ourselves. It was interesting how he turned the interviews around. His charm with women was quite evident and revealing. Where are the Brandos of today? Maysles gem.

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Beautifully edited. One can easily follow the ineptness of the interviewers as they embarrasingly and painfully try to spar with the brilliant intelligence and self-composure of one of the greatest actors to ever appear on screen.

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I would love to see a film like this with Marilyn Monroe.

I give this 5 stars, NOT in praise of Brando, but because it so clearly demonstrates how much harder women have to work to be taken seriously. Thank god the situation has finally reached its boiling point as we move into 2018.

Candid interviews -- Brando shows his not very serious handling of women and treating them like sex objects, as most men did back then. You also learn and see how non-conventionally he handled the film business.

Brando in this film comes off as irreverent and thoughtful but also as a compulsive womanizer. So much of his interviews with women were him attempting to woo them, to flatter and coo over them, even to push himself on them. While I admire Brando for his craft, he comes off as an unrepentant rake and boor…which he was.

Marlon held a massive one-on-one interviews for a day when his latest movie (Moritori) came out. He's irritating and too smarmy for my taste and is always trying to either be clever, contrary, philosophical or even humorous. Ha. Ha. Marlon, we get it: You are socially conscious. Ho Hum. 2.5/5

What an intelligent and wickedly charming individual. A pity the film was all too short.

Brando is hilarious as he lambasts and questions the press, bringing up forward thinking pontifications on education and minority rights, things that are still not up to the standards he speaks about. He speaks several languages, shows his interest in the opposite sex and mocks his own film. Wonderful. Fun. Great.

A rare and candid glimpse at the public Marlon Brando that speaks volumes (despite his coy reticence) of the intelligence and depth he possessed.

Really cool and entertaining. I love Marlon in this. Hels always so great. I've always been a big fan.

Brando at his best; funny, witty, and adorable. Really enjoyable.


Great film!


what a flirt and a him!

Worth a visit. He is so interested in others and present with himself that he fills the atmosphere with a kind of intelligence no matter what they are talking about. His charm and charisma is over the top.

Very insightful. We see Brando and his intense powers of observation of other beings, making comments to his interviewers and showing he is studying them.

Marlon Brando is the best.

a great look at a very complicated actor.

Nice snippets, a ladies man but it was the 60s.

one starof five

very interesting


Amazing interviews! Brando was so funny and charming! And insightful!

The proverbial Brando. Honestly serious, charming, and witty.

LOVE Brando and the film! Smart, funny, charming, splendidly seductive, Brando had it all — then. I've just fallen in love with him; a wee bit too late;)

Outstanding. Loved every second.