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Massacred for Gold2013

  • 3.6
In 1887, more than thirty Chinese miners were murdered in Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America, in the worst act of violence against Chinese immigrants in the West; no one was ever held accountable. With a haunting score by Canadian composer, Tim Hecker, and starkly beautiful black and white cinematography, MASSACRED FOR GOLD meditates on the historical injustice of this century-old crime.

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Member Reviews (3)

Well they did the best they could with as little to work with in this little known incident. I understand that the original Oregon constitution prohibited black people from living there. The union label was originally developed to show that the product was produced by white labor. As a child I saw the remains of a camp of labors from China who built the transcontinental railroad.

The premise had promise, but if you want to put your audience to sleep fast, this is just the ticket. Endless video of rivers and land, old photographs, a droning narrator, while you wait for the story to pick up...and wait....and wait. I just ran out of patience. Thanks anyway. I can put on some music and look through a box of old photographs and papers myself.

a beautiful , tragically sad and moving story of the West, not that far from where I live and not all that long ago, thanx fandor for yet another gem