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Marvin Seth and Stanley2013

  • 3.5
The usually quarreling Greenstein brothers Seth and Stanley reluctantly agree to join their father, Marvin, for a weekend trip in rural Minnesota. Estranged from each other, the threesome of inept outdoorsmen rediscover repressed grudges as the weekend comically devolves into a series of daytime drinking episodes and botched outdoor pursuits . A serious comedy of deceit and stilted emotions, the sharp relationships in MARVIN, SETH AND STANLEY are buffered by the warmth of an autumnal Midwestern landscape authentically captured through 16mm color cinematography.

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I stayed angry at the older son the whole movie--he was a jerk!

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Haha yea I think he was too but I also think it was a portrayal of accepting family for who they are bc its not really up to us to change someone else. He seems to be the chaotic/tormented individual you'll find in most families. In the beginning I was like why are they putting up with this crap but then it made sense that he has his place in their family and they accept him for it.

Love and hate, opposing emotions felt for the same person. Perhaps not everyone feels this way about their family members, but it seems likely the men in this film do. As much as he is grating, the protagonist is also hurting and he, like so many of us, finds solace in being with his family even though he would never admit it. The audience, however, sees the truth. Spoiler! The only question I had at the end, which I would guess was intentional, was although it was evident how much he wanted his family's attention and to interact with them, does he ever come to understand how important they are to him?