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Martin Luther1953

  • 3.5
Based on the life of the 16th century monk who defied excommunication and the stake in his demand for religious reform, MARTIN LUTHER provides the first motion picture portrayal of the incendiary beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. This dramatic motion picture, which was nominated for two Academy Awards® (for photography and art direction), was produced in cooperation with the Lutheran Church on location in the towns, castles and churches of West Germany. Careful research of European and American documents of Roman Catholic and Protestant writers formed the basis for the script and much of the dialogue was culled from actual historic documents. Luther fought against the sale of indulgences. He demanded that the church of his day be cleansed of secular abuse and that the authority for doctrine and practice be scripture rather than Popes or Council. To bring up the abuse of indulgences for debate, he nailed 95-points of argument on the church door. This argument split the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire. Labeled a heretic, Luther was excommunicated by the Pope and banished and condemned by the Empire. Luther's beliefs gave birth to an evangelical movement that quickly spread throughout Europe and the world.

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top reviewer

Loved it!

It was a good movie, though diminished by its sectarian bias. It treats the history as if their was only one side. It treats the man as if he was perfect in every way and consistent in thoughts & practices. Very two dimensional.