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  • 2.6
From producer Junji Ito (UZUMAKI, TOMIE) and writer/director Hideyuki Kobayashi comes a new kind of horror. Marino loves her Marronnier doll that was unfortunately made by a demented genius who uses a diabolical machine to turn human beings into wax dolls. Marronnier's assistant, Numai, is even more insane and takes a fancy to Marino. He begins to stalk her, and when that isn't enough, he takes Marino and her friends prisoner, plunging them into a dreamworld of living dolls and satin wedding gowns, hacked body parts and bondage! In his underground lair, Numai's girl-dolls come to life and start killing everyone!

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top reviewer

I very striking horror movie unlike any horror scenario I have ever seen so realistic although pure fantasy.i found it very entertaining and well worth the time spent watching it!