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Marketa Lazarová1967

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  • 4.5
In its native land, Frantisek Vlácil's MARKETA LAZAROVÁ has been hailed as the greatest Czech film ever made; for many U.S. viewers, it will be a revelation. Based on a novel by Vladislav Vančura, this stirring and poetic depiction of a feud between two rival medieval clans is a fierce, epic, and meticulously designed evocation of the clashes between Christianity and paganism, humankind and nature, love and violence. Vláčil's approach was to re-create the textures and mentalities of a long-ago way of life, rather than to make a conventional historical drama, and the result is dazzling. With its inventive widescreen cinematography, editing, and sound design, MARKETA LAZAROVÁ is an experimental action film.



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Unparalleled masterpiece.

top reviewer

it took a long time for me to get into this film _the end of part one_but it got better & better & it's filmed really well