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Mario Makes a Movie2004

  • 4.1
Roger Deutsch's simply framed account of a developmentally disabled man learning to use an 8mm camera brokers a beautiful meditation on the subjective nature of the film image. A well-intentioned but blinkered teacher recalls leading his special needs class in a filmmaking exercise. Mario takes particular interest in operating the camera, tracing snowflakes and insects in the viewfinder. These disarming compositions play for us as the teacher's voiceover strains to fathom the consciousness behind them. An epigram by Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese author whose work was known for its use of heteronyms, suggests that MARIO MAKES A MOVIE's narration may not be what it appears. And yet even as Deutsch's prismatic construction raises heady questions about authorship, it maintains a strong line of pathos in its contemplation of the afterlife of images. - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (1)

Emotionally gripping. I only wish I could find the actual movie he made with the class.