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Manuelle Labor2007

  • 3.3
A woman with an oddly hairy belly gives birth to a pair of hands in Marie Losier’s giddily inventive "portrait" of filmmaker Guy Maddin, done as a collaboration between the two iconoclasts. A longtime fan of Maddin, Losier (best known for other inventive portraits of underground film icons like Tony Conrad and George Kuchar) hoped to document him as well; "I hate my voice and face," Maddin replied, and sent her Super-8 footage of his hands instead. Losier interwove the footage into her own distinct tale, shot like a surrealist 1920s silent film. A must for fans of Losier, Maddin and ingenious cinema in general, MANUELLE LABOR was completed for the Berlin Film Festival (where Maddin was the guest of honor). - Jason Sanders

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I normally really enjoy the roaring twenties aesthetic that Maddin employs, but here it's nowhere near as focused as his other faux silent era fayre such as The Heart of the World. There are constant intrusions from modern day life that continue to puncture the wonderful period bubble he's trying to create. This is a great shame because it still conveys a certain joyful sense of wonder that seems all but forgotten now.

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Lesser Maddin. Still more valuable than the work of most others, but when you're as prolific as he is, there are bound to be smaller works. Some nice moments and fun, but there's better else

Such a delightful homage.