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  • 3.2
In 1970, the building known affectionately as the MC is to be the home of an incredible journey. Harry Glickman's dream of his own professional basketball team has come true, but now both struggle and joy lie ahead for the team's improbably success, fall from grace and rebirth. MANIA is the story of that unique bond between a city and its only professional sports team and the universal connection that it brings. Now for the first time the voice of the fan and athlete paint a picture of a team struggling to achieve success in a small northwest community. Told through a series of interviews including Harry Glickman, Stu Inman, Bill Schonely, Maurice Lucas, Art Alexakis (from the band Everclear), Paul Knauls, Clyde Drexler, Damon Stoudamire and rookie of the year Brandon Roy, MANIA seeks to tell a first hand account of the life of a professional basketball team.

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Member Reviews (1)

how could they not have footage of the '77 blazers? yeah, i know--too expensive. but, this film needed the footage. at some point, it was just too much taking. i remember that great team and i was a kid growing up in NY. i rooted for them. hard. they had a personality. i just wish they found a way to secure some of the footage. i wanted to see, at the very least, a little basketball!