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also known as Amarelo manga

Mango Yellow2002

  • 3.1
Guaranteed to shock even jaded viewers, Claudio Assis' debut feature is seeped in bold, sun drenched colors (a mood that extends to the oversized subtitles as well). It is a provocative tale of low-rent losers set in the coastal town of Recife, Brazil. Assis' characters seemingly stem from some Carnival hell. A macho butcher and his born-again wife, a forlorn barmaid, a sinister sadist and the gay manager of a flophouse called the Hotel Texas. A cleverly interconnected script propels the action in this highly original film with its perfect confluence between style and story.

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

Deliciously perverse - a very authentic feeling slice of life in and around a Recife SRO hotel. Just regular folks succumbing to the basic drives of life - "the human being is stomach and sex."

top reviewer

really great_everything & everybody_wasn't to sure in the beginning but it just kept getting better & better_really alive !!!!!

I like it, shame is not in HD

Awesome movie.

lt was alright....