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Man and Woman1971

  • 2.5
MAN AND WOMAN shows full body shots of a naked man and woman shot from above without movement. They are shown alone as well as together, one over (or under) the other symbolizing in words at the same time, their positions.

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very good film shows male and female in nude alone or with each other do not know the purpose of this film

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I found the movie inane though opinions about it will probably vary radically. As an experimental movie it certainly fails to make use of the kinetic nature of the medium.

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A tongue in cheek joke about the very reason you clicked on it to watch it.

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Not quite sure what the point of this was. Fun, none the less.

The intent of the film was unclear; yet for us, that was part of the joy of it. A true piece of dadaist agit-art. Yes, nothing. But something. I think if this were a painting, there would be forgiveness in the viewer. Yet it is not. It moves, yet it doesn't move.

A waste of time. Too esoteric for me.

woman man unda. good.