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also known as Ma'loul fĂȘte sa destruction

Ma'loul Celebrates Its Destruction1985

  • 3.8
Since the declaration of the state of Israel in 1948, countless Palestinian villages have been erased from the map. MA'LOUL CELEBRATES ITS DESTRUCTION uses poignant images of bombardments, destroyed buildings and disfigured people to illustrate this. All that remains are ruins, bearing silent witness in the landscape. Ma'Loul, just west of Nazareth, is one such ruined village.

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The documentary looks to the former residents of a village that no longer exists. The land is empty and can not be occupied, people may visit but not stay. The buildings the were not destroyed have fallend into disrepair.

The villagers have compelling and heartfelt grievances. They are intercut with a school lecture which is a strong contrast. The material presented in the school is wrapped in the cloak of authority and authenticity. The school lecture provides 'a' context but I'm glad the filmmakers chose to linger on the people of the village.

The loss of land is devastating to the people and communities, so much is lost. Nothing seems gained from this fallow ground.

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The Palestinian situation is frustrating. This film is definitely one sided which makes it frustrating too. However, at least these Palestians are not outright holocaust deniers like Ahmadinejad.

You do know that Ahmadinejad is not Palestinian, right?