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Maisy's Garden1998

  • 3.2
In MAISY'S GARDEN an over-achieving lawyer (played by Michael Bolgatz) is given the opportunity to retreat to his small garden and take a pause... examine his hectic life, and the collapse of his marriage. During the six-day shoot he had the opportunity to replay his real-life breakup and exorcise some of his real-life emotions. The improvisational movie scenes were not the same exact marital issues that ended his real marriage, but similar feelings of anger and frustration were expressed. His movie-wife (Jill Pixley) was able to stand up to her movie-husband Mike, help create scenes where her rights as a modern woman and mother (she's not a mother in real-life) were infringed upon. Mike's lawyerly abilities only put more pressure on the personal confrontations, made him seem colder, too rational, distanced from a situation where all that was required was some tenderness and the ability to express love. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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