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Maid in Sweden1971

  • 3.2
  • mature audiences
Country milk maid Inga (Christina Lindberg in her debut starring role) longs for a trip to Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Leaving her rural home for a weekend in the big city, Inga soon discovers her beauty gets her into a bit of trouble! Deserting her country life sensibilities for a slice of urban values, Inga’s romantic adventures will shock and entertain. MAID IN SWEDEN, a U.S.-Swedish co-production (and, hence, filmed in English), is an erotic coming of age story that is overdue for a proper restoration. It is presented here in the best transfer presently available, from a tape master derived from a circulating 35mm print.

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The most innocent country girl in all of Sweden spends a weekend in the swingin' city of Stockholm and discovers that she loves sex and doesn't mind date rape. It's the oldest plot in sexploitation films, but this one has stunning model Christina Lindberg in her first starring role. She's got the face of a doll and a body with more curves than the Kebnekaise mountains. When the film's not engrossed in a softcore study of Lindberg's nude physical geography, it's a time capsule piece of early 70s Swedish youth culture. Nearly the whole film pulses with a tuneful psychedelic pop/funk score as the camera crawls across small apartments, dance clubs, city streets, and Lindberg's bare breasts.

Though shot in Sweden with a Swedish cast, this is actually an English language American production.

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It sucket


I am starting a Christina Lindberg fan club.

Rape is never entertaining! The guys in this movie are bastards!!!