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Mad Doctor of Blood Island1968

  • 3.2
The second entry in the BLOOD ISLAND Trilogy lives up to its cursed reputation as enraged, green-blooded monsters prowl the haunted jungles. An American pathologist is called in to investigate a series of grisly killings, with victims' limbs and innards gruesomely strewn about the crime scenes. His search leads him to the remote clinic of sinister Dr. Lorca, whose evil chlorophyll experiments have transformed a helpless patient into a hideous, green-skinned monster. Star John Ashley, who starred in the first BLOOD ISLAND film, BRIDES OF BLOOD, is supported here by Angelique Pettyjohn and Ronald Remy (as the renegade scientist). Beware the stepped-up gore quotient, and don't forget to drink some Green Blood Potion (as directed by the pre-credits sequence), so that you may "safely view the unnatural green-blooded ones without fear of contamination.'" - Tom Weaver

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Not as good as Brides of Blood but okay.

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Great cheese!