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  • 4.6
Set in Chile, 1973, this is an astonishingly intimate and painful coming-of-age story about a pair of 12-year-old boys from opposite extremes of society who form an unlikely friendship during the last days of President Allende and the first days of Pinochet. The potent events are accompanied by a searingly beautiful soundtrack with heart-stopping beats that propel the drama of the story.

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An indispensable movie that wins you and then prevails with unforgettable faces, a balancing of forces, both political and social as well as personal. The scenes of the same characters selling different flags to both sides of the opposing forces brilliantly distill an economic, civil, military, religious, and governmental crisis that no North American can stand apart from. So what if the movie is occasionally melodramatic and sentimental, at times straining an actor's face beyond what any performer, child or adult, can sustain? The truth here is in the ample attitude generously bestowed upon a rending and rent people.

La pura verdad

Wonderful child acting and a great story line covering youngsters who basically live on different sides of the tracks. It's so nice to see a film that can cover such serious subject matter while using young people as the central focus of the casting. A beautiful film.

Beautiful story.

Brilliantly touching coming of age story set against the volatile political climate separating social classes in 1970's chile. A gem of a film with a score to match it.

This movie is tremendous! How fitting for the 20th century---the whole world went

thru this same turmoil and still is. Well done.