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also known as Kataude mashin gâru

The Machine Girl2008

  • 3.3
Responsible for such memorable titles as ROBOGEISHA and GOTHIC LOLITA BATTLE, the Japanese filmmaker Noboru Iguchi can never be accused of catering to the awards circuit or arthouse world. Instead, he is the 21st century inheritor of the cheerfully tasteless zero-budget exploitation cinema of the past, joyfully keeping the spirits of Russ Meyer, Ray Dennis Steckler and more alive in today's cheap digital realm. His debut feature (not counting a steady flow of Japanese A/V material), MACHINE GIRL follows his winning formula of combining two genres that should never appear together (in this case, the coming-of-age teenage melodrama and the brutal yakuza revenge thriller) into one insane melange of blood, violence, cleavage and giddily DIY special effects. Sweet-natured college girl Ami seems like an ordinary sort until her brother winds up dead at the hands of murderous yakuzas and Ami winds up armless after being kidnapped and tortured. A quick operation later, though, and suddenly Ami has a machine gun for an arm, and a thousand reasons to kill. Filled with several jaw-dropping scenes involving chainsaw-wielding adult-film icons (not to mention a drill bra and a flying guillotine), MACHINE GIRL introduced Iguchi’s insanity to the world. - Jason Sanders

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Pure Grade A Japanese gorenography. Makes your typical zombie slayfest look like a Disney musical. This movie's plot can be summed up in a few simple words. Kill. Maim. Disfigure. Dismember. Spout blood fountains. Need your movies to make sense? Look elsewhere!

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Japan has a lock on the contemporary exploitation movie, and Noboru Iguchi's “Machine Girl” is a textbook example. It has all the right ingredients—melodrama, comedy, action, gore, and general lunacy—blended together to create a bloody cocktail of vengeance. Machine Girl is definitely not for everyone, but it knows who it is made for and delivers.

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Crazy entertaining gorefest with Gatling gun amputees, decapitating ninja stars, flying guillotines and driller breasts. The action is top-notch, with thrilling choreography and tight editing. The manga, comic book performances are all great, but the villains, especially the yakuza family with the son who drinks his father’s blood and mother who tortures the domestic help, steal most scenes. The effects aren’t on par with the Iguchi’s direction, and the seams show on the makeup effects and the crude CGI, but that works well because the ridiculously excessive gore is played for laughs and would otherwise be nauseating. (If you like this, checkout Zombie Ass, where Iguchi really goes over the disgusting top). Fun as hell.

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Good action and had a lot of meaning,! rate it a five.