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  • 2.3
Edwin Denby says, "Happy with his luscious daughter Aurora in a rustic setting, Professor Borealis has devised an improved brain and is ready to transplant it. The humor is tenderly black. Burckhardt’s fusion of documentary-type photography with fairytale storyline is nearer Keystone than avant-garde with its visual honesty and particular virtuosity."

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Note to future filmmakers: (as the makers of this mess are long gone, or at the very least selling fertilizer) Just because you've read a classic play like Shakespeare's The Tempest, or seen a classic horror flick like Frankenstein. And your friends think you'd make a cool director because you own a camera that can fit on a tripod, and they'll appear in it even though they really really really can't act, doesn't mean you should actually make a movie. Oh, and no-budget films can be good. Remember "Dark Star" and "Blair Witch" .

New note to future filmmakers: (since I found out who the filmmaker really is) just because you're a "lauded" artist (by a bunch of pretentious snobs who admire your billboards(?)) and you've done this before with varying results and you have a bio article in Wikipedia, and organizations like Du Pont give you grant money, still doesn't you mean you should make movies.....and show them to an audience.