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  • 3.9
Made in the tradition of such true-life political thrillers as MALCOLM X and JFK, Raoul Peck’s award-winning epic dramatizes the rise and fall of legendary African leader Patrice Lumumba. When the Congo declared its independence from Belgium in 1960, the 36-year-old Lumumba became the first Prime Minister of the newly independent state but would last just months in office before being brutally assassinated.

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Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

The lead actor is this historical drama is amazing to watch. I think this film is mis-categorized as action/adventure.

top reviewer

Thanks, agree with your comment and we've corrected the genre categorization.

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top reviewer

Viewers who have visited Brazzaville will appreciate the earlier verson of airport architecture captured in the film, a brief relaxation of focus on an intense African post-colonial nightmare.

I saw this in theaters when it first came out, and I burst into sobs near the end. Which has never happened to me before or since in a movie theater. Also I can't believe this film came out so long ago, or that I am so old. That's not really sufficient as a review. Will update later, about my rewatching it.

An interesting production. The script is lacking in dealing with character development yet this may have been absent due to the emphasis on action. Worth viewing.