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  • 3.6
This cautionary tale of New Jersey-accented everygirl Lucy is surprisingly sophisticated and non-judgmental in its take on teenage pregnancy. "It all started when I met Joe. We dug each other right away," she tells us, recalling that cutting school to make out was "our first mistake." Pretty soon they've got something bigger to worry about, as eventually confirmed by a doctor's visit. "If only Joe and I hadn't been so dumb," Lucy says, noting that she knew nothing but "stories and dirty jokes" about contraception until it was too late. Should she get an abortion? Drop out of school? With few resources, just what is an expectant sixteen-year-old to do? Her final, hauntingly simple remarks must have stuck with many an at-risk classroom viewer in the 1970s. "It's not the end of the world, I guess. But it sure is different from the way I wanted things to be." - Dennis Harvey

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