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also known as Cidade Baixa

Lower City2005

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  • 3.7
From the filmmakers who brought you CITY OF GOD and THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, comes this Brazilian drama chronicling a love triangle between two best friends, Deco and Naldinho and a beautiful young girl, Karinna. Burdened with unbridled passion, the threesome navigates the "lower city" of tropical Salvador Bahia, stumbling through a treacherous landscape of love and jealousy. Suffocated and unable to go on, the three must accept one another as lovers, adversaries and ultimately friends; learning to overlook the defiance of their actions and joining one another down an unthinkable path. A startlingly intimate debut from director SпїЅrgio Machado, LOWER CITY bursts with an energy emanating from the unflinching performances of the vibrant young cast.
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top reviewer

beautiful film_4 1/2_Karinna is wonderful totally sexy & hot_Deco is super cool _Naldinho is sort of a asshole but it all pulls together really well_always shot well & all of the characters are cool_so yeah

how very very sad