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also known as Älskande par

Loving Couples1964

  • 3.4
  • passes the bechdel test
For her feature film directing debut, actress Mai Zetterling turned to Agnes von Krusenstjerna's controversial masterpiece of Swedish feminist literature, "The Misses von Pahlen," an intense and personal seven-part novel that has been likened to the great works of D.H. Lawrence. As three pregnant women from different backgrounds wait to have their babies in a hospital in Stockholm at the outbreak of the Great War, they relive their childhood and youthful experiences via individual flashbacks. Drawing on the classic Ingmar Bergman style of Swedish filmmaking and collaborating with many of his favorite actors as well as the great cinematographer Sven Nykvist, Zetterling had produced a powerful fusion of personal emotional drama and a commentary on the role of women in a society in moral decline.

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Strangely compelling but rather dated and very "Bergmanesque", or is that " Zetterlingesque ?" There's only so much of stoically suffering women of the Swedish aristocracy that one can digest without thinking that cinematic angst must be a major export of Sweden in the 1960s. As expected - the male characters are all ignorant egotists, molesting beasts or patronizing misogynists and all the women are semi mad submissive and silent suffering. Let's home this Sweden is a director's reality not the nations.

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Perhaps its the poor editing that hobbles this film somewhat. In spite of it, I found it worthwhile. Excellent cinematography. Over all an ambitious and adventurous attempt at capturing a host narrative complexities.