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Love Stories My Grandmother Tells1994

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  • 3.5
A portrait of Peggy Regler, the ninety year old paternal grandmother of filmmaker Dana Plays, reminiscing about her love affairs and significant relationships, her failed first marriage, the agreement she had to stay until the children were grown (but to see other lovers) which resulted in the true love she found with her second husband and renowned writer Gustav Regler (who later died a tragic death in India). The love affairs are historically rooted in the political and technological developments of the 20th century and are narratively based in a complex sound/image structure. Interludes (silent, optically-printed film passages narrated with intertitles excerpted from her diaries and early childhood memories) formalistically refer to early cinema. The footage in these passages is recontextualized and interwoven metaphorically throughout the text.



Member Reviews (1)

Very nice, made me wish I had more time with my loved ones.