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also known as Cérémonie d'amour

Love Rites 1988

  • 3.0
  • mature audiences
The last film by the great Walerian Borowczyk, LOVE RITES is immersed in the terrors of seduction. When Hugo (Mathieu Carrière) meets Myriam (Marina Pierro), a prostitute who picks up her clients on the Paris metro, he soon becomes obsessed with her sultry beauty. He follows her to a flat owned by the mysterious Sara Sand and consummates his passion. Suddenly, he finds the rules of the game have changed as Myriam is now in charge of his body and soul. A macabre love poem from the director of THE BEAST and IMMORAL TALES.

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top reviewer

Parisian poetry in motion, then playing the game of life. This one is hard to forget - or figure out.

Very little known film, I'd venture, but a worthy depiction of a subject that could be portrayed in the cinema more often, giving short shrift to commercial pornography.