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Loudmouth Collective2003

Ugly Duckling Presse

  • 3.0
A film-portrait of the Loudmouth Collective and Ugly Duckling Presse. These poet-provocateurs are the creators of the infamous "Anti-Reading" series, a carnival-like alternative to the traditional poetry reading. On the film's soundtrack we hear how the Anti-Readings were started, descriptions of various Anti-Reading activities including the Poetry smokable poems known as "Poetry Cigarettes", the memory tester called "I Forgot," and the "Diary in the Shape of a Bunny". The film includes footage shot at Anti-Readings, with time-lapse, double exposures, distorting lenses, and frenetic non-traditional camerawork evocative of the playfully chaotic spirit of the events.

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top reviewer

I couldn't care less about poetry scenes, but this film does an admirable job of representing a small "anti-poetry" scene in New York that takes a more active and subversive strategy to presenting poetry. Basic narration by the contributors often doesn't lead to the most revelatory documentaries, but the floating cinematography helps place what they are about in a visual medium.