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Lost and Beautiful2016

  • 4.1
Despite death threats from the Mafia and his country's general apathy, a humble shepherd, Tommaso, takes it upon himself to look after the abandoned Bourbon palace of Carditello, deep in the heart of the "Land of Fires". One day, Tommaso is seized by a heart attack and dies; but not before making a final wish. He summons a masked character named Pulcinella to rescue a buffalo calf called Sarchiopone from the forsaken palace. Together, man and beast, embark on a long journey through a lost and beautiful Italy, searching for something which may no longer exist. Shot on expired 16mm stock, LOST AND BEAUTIFUL is a ravishing work that heralds the arrival of an extraordinary new filmmaker.

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"Critic's Pick! Mr. Marcello tells a simple, touching tale that seems to contain a whole cosmos of meaning." — A.O. Scott, The New York Times

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I wanted to turn this movie off as often as you will. I objected to the sentimentality, but then I recognized the movie's courage in representing sentimentality: genuine, inexplicable human feeling for fellow creatures whose fellowship we have yet to acknowledge. I recommend this movie, especially to people like me who know they like animals, other animals besides human, at the same time that I acknowledge noting yet understand some of the movie's basic tropes: the pulchinela figure, for example. Meantime, there are gloriously beautiful images. still and moving.

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An outstanding introspection of the human condition, mostly

portrayed in imagery.

It is intuitive, contemplative and speaks to things we have forgotten.