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Loneliness Is Soul1998

  • 3.3
Two young women (Meeka Schmalle and Jessica Heidt) rent an Oakland apartment where an itinerate musician (John Balquist) occasionally crashes. His presence in the household acts like a truth serum, somehow suddenly prompting everyone, including a strange "gift-giver" (Alexander Marchand) and prying landlord (Hal Croasmun) to tell their strangest real-life stories. His own hilarious tale about taking magic mushrooms on the beach helps convince the viewer that the only really "safe" path in life is to go directly for one's dream "full out," holding nothing back. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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This was interesting enough that I wanted to watch the entire film. I liked the reality stories and the improv dialogue. It seemed to get off an unforeseen track throughout--where I thought it was going often petered out. The realness of the characters was excellent. The story line was a montage, some of which I could relate to but most not. A sort of zen approach to theme.

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