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Loan Shark1952

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  • 3.7
An ex-con goes undercover to break-up a ruthless gang of racketeers in this low-budget, extremely brutal noir, released in 1952 by the independent production house Lippert Pictures. The reliable George Raft ("he knows every racket's strength… and every woman's weakness") stars as the brawny Joe Gargan, a man who must abandon both his sister and his girlfriend and knock-in a few heads on both sides of the law in order to rise up the ranks of a violent group of loan sharks. The film's bleak vision of the industrial workplace, where suckers are born to be punched and even housewives prove targets, is matched by cinematographer Joseph Biroc's no-frills, steely images. Character actors John Hoyt and Paul Stewart add some dramatic flourishes as the villains while a final fight scene in a cleaning plant (complete with a body tossed into a boiling vat) adds a suitably brutal coda to this hard, fast and dirty noir. - Jason Sanders


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top reviewer

George Raft is pushing 60 here, but he's still a credible two-fisted tough guy in this enjoyable Lippert Productions B-movie quickie. He's a recent ex-con who wants an ordinary job now that he's out of the big house, but he reluctantly takes a gig going undercover in a tire factory to help bust up a loan shark racket. Along the way, he cracks some skulls and romances Dorothy Hart, who wears some of the pointiest bras of the 50s.

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top reviewer

First rate film starring the great George Raft!

top reviewer

A nostalgic look back to the days when people in America still had jobs. George Raft was great. Couldn't help wondering what Bogart would have done with the part.

This is the first film I have seen starring George Raft. Until now I never knew what the fuss was I understand. Great screen presence and a sold film. I'll be looking out for other films with Raft!

What feels low budget about this movie is it's lead acting. The supporting actors feel stronger. I thought the storyline was plausible for it's time, but still, I feel not entirely convinced.

Like everyone else I give a pass to post war commercial films which try to throw a light on moral corruption. I watched it all, but groaned most of the way.

I am a very big fan of George Raft. I like his films when he was younger, but this was good too. Ilike his voice. I would say it is a little low end noir... not as classy, but okay. I like Bogie the best ..... anything he does is great.....

Excellent film. First rate performance by Raft.

....George Raft 'shoot-em-up' with that 'golden' Hollywood ending ( a bit 'stiff' - LOL !!! )

Great classic film noir. George Raft, the ultimate tough guy!!!! What more can you ask for?

Always enjoyed George Raft

real problems with sync between soundtrack and film. I bet it was good if you could watch it as filmed!

really strong noir. Loved it.

Terrific movie! Real Noir! George Raft, the ultimate tough guy. With the great John Hoyt and the gorgeous Dorothy Hart. VA VA VA VOOM! More than 5 stars!


I really enjoyed this. The ending was predicatable, except for who turned out to be the "big boss."


I liked it wish I could have stayed awake to watch it all. I love FN

3 stars