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Like a Fish Out of Water2007

  • 3.4
A romantic comedy about a new immigrant from Argentina and his relationship with his Hebrew teacher at the Absorption Center. Marcelo is a non-religious young man, an actor and a single parent. He's desperately looking for someone to help him improve his Hebrew accent so he can pass the auditions for an Israeli Soap Opera. Anat, his religious teacher, is probably the best solution, but it seems that she hates soap operas.

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Member Reviews (3)

Sort of campy and silly, but at the same time uplifting. Marcello was adorable and a reminder of the days when Cantinflas was acting. This is a light movie, but there is room for such entertainment. Some film fans do not enjoy the same serious and bloody violence.

loved it, loved it, loved, totally fun! And I love it when in the end, love wins! We need more of this in our lives right now.

Boring. Slow. Silly. Flat dialogue.