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Let's Make a Sandwich1950

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  • 3.6
"There's a sandwich... and a sandwich!" A saying so good that it is worth saying twice. Ever wondered how to make tuna rarebit? No? Too bad. You're about to learn in this corporate sponsored film from the American Gas Company. Delicious!



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TUNA Rarebit and with TABASCO not WORCESTERSHIRE sauce??? Sounds like a sandwich FAIL (disaster).

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That looks totally gross! Great time capsule of corporate america in the fifties.

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TUNA Rarebit and with TABASCO not WORCESTERSHIRE sauce??? Sounds like a sandwich FAIL (disaster).

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Thanks American Gas Company! The only thing better than that sandwich was the beautiful shiny stove to toast the bread! I think I will sell my toaster and start up the old broiler!

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Laying the foundation for heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity.

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I will try this dish in life

how did it go?

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This is the most disgusting sandwich in history. Great American food from the greatest era of American cuisine!!!

In case you were wondering why Julia Child was so important to American home cooking: the alternative was crap like this, and Jello salad! I've never been able to figure out whether the American middle class wilfully abandoned traditional cooking after WWII, or forgot how to do it after a few years of rationing. And who ever thought it was a good idea to let the gas company provide cooking tips?

This film might as well be from another planet. What a time capsule.

so thats how its done!

Mmmm samich! My favorite food.

I would get a lot more than GAS from MILK and a cube of butter added to a can of tuna----which in those days only came packed in OIL!!!!!! GAAAAAGG!!!

There are sandwiches...and then there is gross tuna cheese butter open faced sandwiches...

Great to relive the 50's with simple, innovative food dishes.

"Let's see...what will be the beverage?" Pretty amazing, and as other reviewers have said, this sandwich looks pretty terrible...

What a hoot!

I want that stove!

Now I know.

I feel cheated. We were an bologna household.

a light hearted break between 'Black Gold' and 'Children of God'