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Let's Get Lost1988

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  • 4.3
Traveling with the elusive jazz vocalist and trumpeter Chet Baker, LET’S GET LOST weaves together the life story of a jazz great. The film uses excerpts from Italian B-movies, rare performance footage and candid interviews with Baker, musicians, friends, battling ex-wives and his children in what turns out to be his last year of life.

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"...a succession of ghostly, indelible images that are at once hauntingly beautiful and desperately sad." - Janet Maslin, the New York Times

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A dark and intense portrait of jazz great Chet Baker. Fuller's high contrast black and white photography make this film all the more painful to watch.

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A dark and intense portrait of jazz great Chet Baker. Fuller's high contrast black and white photography make this film all the more painful to watch.

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“Everybody has a story about Chet Baker” an interviewee in Bruce Weber’s Let’s Get Lost says over the chords to one of his songs as a camera cuts between shots of Santa Monica in 1987. And, boy, do they. Hell, even Baker himself can't totally keep all of his stories straight, but that's part of what is so fascinating about this documentary.

With editing as gorgeous and confident as Baker in his prime, Weber strings together a work of art that simultaneously reinforces and dismantles who the viewers believes Baker is. Maybe a little too long for its own good, but it's hard not to get lost in the melancholic, black-and-white beauty presented on screen.

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I have always loved Chet Baker's music and still do. I read his book several years ago. I always hate to see such talent destroy themselves. A well done doc however sad.

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Fantastic portrait of a great musician and persona. The best filmic portrait I've ever seen. Beautiful black and white cinematography, candid artistic interviews, I'm going to watch it again now.

amazing!!! possibly best jazz/ music doc ever luvit

A moving testament to a troubled genius who made marvelous music. A little long otherwise a 5 star.

haunting and elegaic.

I was a great film I'd heard about it for years and it did not disapoint

I saw this film on its release in 1988, and have been wanting to see it again ever since. Director Bruce Weber was one of the most influential fashion photographers of the 1980s. Along with Herb Ritts he brought black and white back to prominence. This film was made shortly before Chet Baker died, and it's a study of dignity and legacy. It's gorgeously photographed, and has ample footage of Baker in the late 80s as well as archival footage of his halcyon days. The music track is incredible! And Weber doesn't pass judgement on Baker's lifestyle; he leaves that up to the viewer. One of the best documentaries ever made about a talented musician who jumped off the cliff of his career.