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Les oeufs à la coque1991

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  • 3.2
Inspired by both new love and Gulliver's Travels, LES OEUFS À LA COQUE (aka SOFT-BOILED EGGS), is a ravishingly beautiful, important film about nothing in particular, a love song dedicated to France, French women in general and one Frenchwoman in particular and a montage portrait of quotidian life in a country at peace.



Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

Simple, everyday, and very real and nothing extraordinary in each person's daily life, job, activities - but so full of life, and the small touches that make these French lives good ones. Beauty, simplicity, nature, art, culture, celebration, artistry, artisanship, craft ... and the technique of boiling the egg just enough, and cutting the shell just so, country bread with just enough dry crust ... the recipe varies, and then sharing the delicacy.

top reviewer

A mess. No clarity for its being. Bailed out.

top reviewer

Continuous smiles for this great"documentary"! One of the best things viewed recently! Thanks Fandor!

top reviewer

quite abstract, without chronological direction. Achieves the level of an electronic screen, with no attempt to rouse a critical view of the middle class lifestyle represented .

Loved every moment. The filmmakers appreciation of the daily lives of ordinary people made lovingly. The beauty of sharing brilliantly portrayed.

I thought this was an uninteresting film and therefore I did not watch it all the way through so perhaps it redeemed itself at some point but I wasn't there to see it...