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also known as Zui xia xing

Legend of the Drunken Tiger1992

  • 3.0
It's the year 1898 and government reformists are aggressively sought out and publicly executed by the Ching Dynasty officials. Master Wang, a leader of the reformist party, enlists the help of skilled fighters for reinforcements, including Cheong San, a longtime enemy of the treacherous Lord Wing. With the help of Lela Wong, Cheong San's betrothed, Cheong San and Master Wnag battle their nemesis to further their cause. What Cheong San's enemies believe to be his weak point they soon discover to be his source of power. He is most lethal when intoxicated, lending him the name of Drunken San.

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Member Reviews (10)

Another Good on Drunkin Style , and a Lesson on China History , and GOOD Wu Shu , i give this Movie 3 Stars!!!!

very good the druken style

one of my favorites


Great story line, but a little drawn out. Love the fight scenes.

it was awesome

very very good

fair to poor movie...


Good movie lots of action