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also known as The Waking Dream

Le rêve éveillé2003

  • 3.4
French experimentalist Patrick Bokanowski turns his camera on the psychoanalytic exchange in this observational portrait of Colette Aboulker-Muscat with her students and patients. Aboulker-Muscat's unique technique involves supplying analysands with complex and sometimes fantastic scenarios as a means of accessing experiential thinking. In working through their spontaneous answers, Aboulker-Muscat follows the mind wherever it leads. - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Fascinating glimpse but scant substance beyond her admirable self.

Quite riveting. With insightful guidance self visualization can be quite helpful in altering,

or reinforcing behavior. I am quite skeptical of its capacity for altering physiological

diseases; in this case Cancer. A useful film, to add. We live in a violent world, no stone should

be left unturned in reckoning with troubled minds.

Amazing, very intriguing work