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Le Pont du Nord1981

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  • 3.8
LE PONT DU NORD is an entrancing puzzle film with the city of Paris as a continually shifting game board. It is one of director Jacques Rivette's most mysterious and haunting works, a dark companion piece to CELINE and JULIE GO BOATING. Marie has just been released from prison, and encounters the paranoid loner Baptiste. They follow Marie's ex-lover Julien and his talismanic briefcase as Paris begins to open up to them as a series of enigmatic clues. The city is a labyrinth of possibilities but no certainties, a place of fantastical fables (here be dragons) and the brute realities of the street. Shot on luminous 16mm at exclusively outdoor locations by the great cinematographers William Lubtchansky and Caroline Champetier, LE PONT DU NORD is surreal, gorgeous and heartbreaking, and is surely one of Rivette's greatest works.



Member Reviews (8)

top reviewer

what a crazy joy ride!!!_fell in love with Pascal Ogier from the start she's so amazing & wonderful_some times it's a bit dumb_but it's all so odd it's ok_love all of the lions of paris & paris itself_the map is really cool

top reviewer

Two "characters" traipse around Paris looking for who knows what and find trouble along the way. Nicely shot and acted. Bemusing and fun and very enjoyable.

top reviewer

A very far out and very interesting film.

top reviewer

Four days in remote and decayed parts of Paris, two women try to survive what haunts them. One is Marie, an ex convict haunted by her past, but clinging to hope in her lover, still entrenched in the old way of life. The other is Baptiste: she's got ninja moves mismatched by a child like voice. She awaits danger at every corner, watching out for the "Max" characters (aka trouble), slashes the eyes off the images of supermodels in posters and billboards, watches all the lion statues and fountains, and imagines slaying industrial park dragons. The film is more of a reflection on a few myths and dreams of these two characters, and yet the dangers really are out there for both of them.

first half great then slips a bit

fairly meaningless. the style of godard of the period without the intelligence or wit. dated.

A great film. Celine and Julie Go Boating on the other end of the 70s when all of the hopes had failed. Yet optimistic at the same time. Pascale Ogier is incredibly magnetic on the screen, you can't take your eyes off her. What a terrible loss for cinema.

Captivating, surreal mix of fantasy and harsh reality revealed in the actions and dialogues of the actors. This film internalized itself and remains in my heart.