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Stranded at an airport due to bad weather, two people from the same small town cross paths as they change planes. Having not seen each other in the fifteen years since high school, Richard is headed back to his roots while Tiffany is finally getting out. Each literally and figuratively at the crossroads of a major decision to change their lives, the travel delay forces them to examine how they got here and where they think they're headed.

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Winner of the "Silver Lei Award" for "Excellence in Filmmaking" from the 2009 Honolulu Film Festival.

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Deeply moving, sad, perceptive story about two thirty somethings plotting to escape from the train wreck they've made out of their selfish, lust-driven lives. One gets the sense their reunion during an airport layover will help each of them become better equipped emotionally for Round Two. Excellent music from Traffik captures perfectly the dire mood.