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also known as The Moustache

La moustache2006

  • 3.7
Emmanuel Carrère's psychological mystery LA MOUSTACHE stars Vincent Lindon in an outstanding performance as a man who inadvertently loses himself. Marc Thiriez is a successful architect who decides one day to shave off the trademark mustache that he's worn for years. When his wife and his friends fail to notice the change he spins into a downward spiral that makes him doubt his own sanity. Is Marc the victim of some elaborate conspiracy or has something in the world's order gone terribly awry?

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Member Reviews (8)

top reviewer

Emmanuel Carrere's surrealist study of identity crisis is absolutely fascinating from beginning to end.

top reviewer

You will enjoy the Philip Glass score for this film, which in and of itself is an ascension into an abyss of confusion for one man, Marc, in the context of his life with his partner, Agnès. What we can surmise is that both tragic and banal events of the last year have left Marc not knowing what really happened, nor when it happened, whether he donned a moustache at any given time through it, nor whether Agnès is the one who is confused (or even losing her mind). We don't really know what he is thinking through the identity crisis that he experiences, nor in his search and escape. In a marriage, the recognizing of the other's deception, lack of attention, disconnect, irrationality, (mental) illness and all flaws and weaknesses - this couple stays together, and perhaps that is the only truth that we are all sure of.

top reviewer

Very well made, the plot is a bit fuzzy but the directing, the acting and even the soundtrack make it.

Left you still wondering at the end...

it was ok. Still don't get it though

best moustache movie

Emmanuelle Devos was perfect for this movie, just as she was in Read My Lips "Sur mes lèvres"(2001). Her enigmatic style is often quite frustrating

but after all is said & seen, turns out she was just what was needed to complete the film. The movie itself was boring, the flat's decoration very interesting, the escape to Hong Kong felt like another movie altogether and the conclusion was no conclusion at all . I give it 2 1/2 points, not stars.

I enjoyed this movie until the end, when the viewer is left with an unsolvable mystery with no explanation in ordinary reality. I hate endings like that and it spoils the movie for me. Otherwise, it was well cast and acted and an interesting story.